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Public Exposure

What can the Arctic teach us about external attack surface management? Spending time outside in -26 degrees centigrade is an experience, which makes you observant of exposure to the elements. Even more so, when you are standing on the bank of the Kemijoki river with your camera gear in tow and: the moisture rising from the flowing water is freezing over your face, gear and clothes the bitter cold is biting into your core despite your gazillion layers of clothing. I remember struggling to steady my hands in order to secure my camera on a tripod and trying to find the mental fortitude to take my time in framing the exposures properly. Through my pictures of the scene, I wanted to convey the harsh reality of the wintry landscape in front of me. Looking at the Jätkänkynttilä bridge, I could not but marvel the solidity of its structure, which since 1989 has stood the test of time and harsh elements in this city situated at the Arctic Circle in Finland.

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