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We at Arctic Security want to offer cyber security experts a platform to voice their expert opinion in a way that promotes discussion or even healthy debate. We recognize the fact that corporate blogs often create a psychological barrier for doing this and are geared more towards promoting a given company’s products and services.

This blog on cyber security is the brainchild of Lari Huttunen, who enjoys reading what other experts in the field are writing about information security. In his day job at Arctic Security, a Finnish cybersecurity company, he encounters a lot of cybersecurity topics which he loves to write about. That is why one day, he presented a somewhat crazy idea to the CEO at Arctic, David Chartier.

What if our company were to facilitate a forum for writing about important topics, which often get glossed over by the media? Moreover, what if the blog would not focus on selling our products, rather than offer our employees and guest bloggers from our field a place to voice their valued opinion?

After some constructive back and forth, David said he liked the idea, since:

Even great pieces on corporate blogs do not get the attention they deserve, since they are basically associated with the company’s products or services. In addition, companies inadvertently create a psychological barrier for sharing the otherwise great insight written by their employees.

The Problem is not Lack of Information

Factually, there’s a wealth of information out there related to cyber security. The sad fact, however, is that a lot of that information, apart from that on Wikipedia, is not freely available. Nowadays, to be able to read a given write-up, one needs to pay either with one’s privacy or sign up to a closed community, which means that the ideas and insight in those otherwise excellent pieces are less likely to be shared outside of that sphere of influence. In other words, the world of information is more and more fragmented and a given forum only aims at keeping you engaged with them.

Why not write for us?

If you are a cyber security expert, why not take this opportunity and enlighten your peers with your valued insight?

In other words, why not write for this blog?

Furthermore, we would like to offer any minority a chance to voice their expert opinion as well, since let’s face it, this field is quite homogenous.

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Our Tenet

The main tenet of Public Exposure is to bring you, the reader, deep insight on important cyber security topics and at the same time open the floor to widespread discussion and debate.