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Integrity Checking - an Integral Part of Cyber Security

During the last twenty years there has been endless talks and discussions regarding the importance of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the potential threats emerging from failing to implement TLS correctly. Even with all the talk, the real life examples of impactful man-in-the-middle (MitM) exploitation are rare. This post aims to shed some light on one of these cases. A Prelude to a 0-Day It was a dark and stormy night normal workday for us working in an internal red team. A large part of our job is to map potential attack surfaces, and while large companies often have a huge external attack surface there’s still a lot of other things going on under the surface as well. One of these things are the employee devices and the installed enterprise software on them, typically provisioned by the company. Looking through the devices that are used daily by thousands of our colleagues we saw what we expected; reputable EDR solutions, inventory management software and so on.

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