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How to Identify Attack Surface that Must be Addressed

Some time in January 2022, I promised to Lari to write up some thoughts on attack surface management. I thought I’d perhaps have material for a single blog post. Now two posts later, we will still have to dig into some of the most difficult problems in the process. If you haven’t read my earlier posts, the first covered asset discovery and the second focused on exposure assessment. Should you have adopted an attack surface identification process such as the one I have outlined in my previous posts, by this point you will have a lot of data. In a larger assignment, I usually end up using a couple of online services, half a dozen open source tools, and numerous ad-hoc scripts. The result is a hot mess of JSON files, tool-specific text files, files with HTTP headers, and HTML content. Some integrated scanning frameworks or third-party services might make things easier for you.

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